You’ve got questions. Akron Research and Technology (ART) has answers. Lots of them. So check out below and then contact us today to get the project started.

When is the right time in the process to contact you?
Anytime – from the earliest stages of product development to aftermarket repair and replacement.

What are your rates?
ART’s rates are very competitive with other local and national metallurgical laboratories, yet vary based on project scope (complexity, size, quantities, etc.) and timing.

What are your lead times?
Usually two to five business days for routine testing and four to eight business days for failure analysis and more complex opportunities.

Can I get an online quote?
Sure. Just fill out the Contact Us page on this website and submit. We’ll respond as soon as possible to get more project detail.

How do you ensure quality?
ART is an ISO 9001 quality control certified company. Our testing is conducted according to procedures and specifications from bodies such as ASME, NACE, ANSI, API, ASTM, ISO, and, of course, customer specifications. All of our equipment meets applicable specifications and are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology whenever possible.

Have more questions?
ART has answers. Lots of them. Contact us today so can answer specific questions about our lab, what we do, our process, our client experiences, opportunities, and more!



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