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Eliminating Industry Limitations

Corrosion Resistant Coatings for the Oil & Gas Industry

Akron Research and Technology has developed a corrosion resistant coating for the oil and gas industry. This coating is a tantalum-based coating produced by thermoreactive diffusion, and can be produced on most carbon or nitrogen containing materials. The coating was subjected to rigorous testing, including exposure to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas. The result is a surface that is almost inert to most corrosive environments, including sour gas. Akron Research and Technology tantalum-based coating technology is the prime choice for applications requiring unsurpassed corrosion resistance.

Titanium Coating Technology

Akron Research and Technologies has developed a major technological breakthrough for Rubber City Armory. This technology utilizes a combination of coatings not seen before to greatly increase the wear and galling resistance of the titanium substrate for use in many applications. This combination of coatings produces properties that previous technologies have not been able to obtain using titanium as a base material. Akron Research and Technology’s titanium coating technology is unsurpassed in performance and is a great choice for applications that will benefit from light weight components and excellent wear properties.

Corrosion and Wear Resistant Coating for Harsh Environments

Akron Research and Technology has discovered a vanadium-based corrosion and wear resistant coating suitable for the harshest of environments encountered by many types of equipment. Of these various types of equipment, the application to subterranean drilling components is of prime importance. This coating is produced using a thermoreactive diffusion process and can be produced on most carbon or nitrogen containing materials. The coating produced through this process has high hardness, good wear resistance, and a metallurgical bond, all coupled with excellent corrosion resistance. This coating is excellent for applications requires wear resistance, corrosion resistance, or both.